Arabesques about “Ho Gui”

Arabesques about “Ho Gui”

Vlada Posdnyakova
Vlada Posdnyakova

The smoke is languid, thick, transparent. It dissipates, then condenses into something. Matter is only temporarily frozen energy. Ashes to ashes. Peplos, covers, museum dust. Ashes of times, eras. Decent material for baked divine pots.

This is my Inner Mongolia. This is how I outline the boundaries of my ecumene. You should not enter my halls. Drawing boundaries in the sand. Interpenetration of one era into another. Nomads step through the stone gates of the Urals. The ridge is the axis of the world. North-South, on which the layers of time are strung. The elder’s staff. Circling around. Dervish dance. Whirling of the mandala sand grains around one point. Milky Way. Star foam. Foam-born goddess. Aphrodite of Cnidus. Aphrodite of Kushanskaya.

Plain plain weave. The fabric of history. Myth-making. Myth weaving. Mythological consciousness. A myth born of untamed thought. Ontological picture of the world. Cartography of meanings. A spinning astrolabe. Sailor. Steamer. Round dance. Afanasy Nikitin. Viziers from Byzantium. From the Varangians to the Greeks. Charcoal draft. Down the VolgaGui Volzhsky Mortuary. Athens necropolis. Varanasi Crematorium.

Opium from the Silk Road. Tea, brow, chapatis. Welcome to our kilim. Self-assembled tablecloth. Peaches on the carpet. Persepolis. Knocking chess. Fluttering heat. Endless desert. In the middle of the gate. The passage of the Assyrian warriors through them. Propylaea. Panathenaic procession. Pan. Panic attack. Arche. Athens policy. Archaic. Acropolis. Kremlin. The fortification heart of the city.

The polyphony of tradition. Rhizome. The collective voice of the people. Choir and round dance. Word of mouth. Kisses on the lips. Removing the seventh seal. The silk kimono slips. The tight sari is unwound. Furious dance, ecstatic mind. The plastic of the vine that gives fruit to the grape. Snakeskin wriggling. Stringing flowers on a thread. Garland. Lotus petals. Ikebana from words. Precision of thought. Freshness of mind. Like a well-strung string.

Mountains and waters. Flowers and birds. Sirin. Double-headed eagle. Even odd. Mesopotamia. Between the rivers. The middle way. Coordination. Balancing. Calibrate settings. Pivot. Crossroads of meanings.

The genius of loci. Local to global. Context and intertext. Induction and deduction. Microdistrict in the macrocosm. Releasing the spirits of the place. Screaming Pandora’s Box. Casket. Gems. Silver Hoof Nuggets. Luminosity. Solidified lava forms mountain ranges. The spirit of the rock. Mistress of Copper Mountain. Horns. Soldering alloys. The bronzed century. Patina of time. Refractory matter. Datsun at the top in the snow. Tibetan turquoise. Crushed malachite. Blazing blast furnaces. Warm hearth. Liquid iron. Buddhist metal plastic. Lost wax.

The city of heaven. City of the earth. Grotto. Niche. Mortar. Free standing in the desert ayvan niche. Initiation by light. Reliquary. The altar doors open. Sink slide. Overflows of mother-of-pearl. The pearl drops are whipped into a lather. Churning the ocean. Purification by destruction. Shiva Shakti. Dance of Death. Dancing on the bones. Calcium deposits. Perforated limestone structure. Ammonites and spiral motion. Oscillation of the primary broth. Relief formation. Self-spawning entities on abandoned lands. Autochthonous cultures. Mineral formations.

The chains of genetic link break. Arabic script. Infinite filling of anti-space. Arabesque on the topic. Smoke incense. I burn incense in honor of my beloved. Dissolve and transgress on the deserted shores of the Gulf of Aden. Infinity of the desert. Lack of water. Sand washing. My molecules are grains of sand. Quicksand dunes. A scattering of matter. Bread of Berber women. Jingle of jewelry. Hiding with body tissue. Covering with paintings of the face. Coptic crosses. Where there is shadow, there is life in the desert. Escaping. Beat the drum. String anxiety. The clang of gusli. Evening call, evening Bell. Oscillation of air. Tension threads. Vibration of the membrane. Bells. Nabat. Namaz. Belfry. Cleansing space with sound. Resonation. Music of the celestial spheres. Sound of waves.

Proverbs. The bosom of the church. Rose without thorns. The face of Madonna. Melting candles. Gold and incense. Touch. Tabor light through the palms. The Savior of the Golden Buckles. Praying for the cup. Whispering. Sleep of reason. Host of angels. Solomon’s wisdom. The birth of monsters.

Split. Cracks in the asphalt. Broken bowl. Gold fills the cavities. Time sealed in amber. Emptiness is form and form is emptiness. Clay. Signet. Captured traces of time. Geoglyph. Vessel. Oscillation of its walls. Echo of the era. Graffiti on the wall. Cuneiform on a stele. Ornament. Linear A. Habitat. Traces of stay. Ecumene. Tour. Tower. Ziggurat. Minaret. The alarm sounds in your honor. Leave me in the tower to be pecked by the birds.

Burrowing in books. Strike fire. Sparks of sincerity. The Burning Library of Alexandria. Library of Babylon. Burnt tablets. Library of Ivan the Terrible in flames. Infernal oven. Scorches my face. Flowers will sprout in the ashes. Dome bud. Swamp lotus. Let a thousand flowers bloom. The Red Guards. Passionate ethnogenesis. Salty blood of the earth. Recode the culture code. Kontakion. Crypt. Decoding the black box. Kaaba. Oil flows in pipes. Blood of the Earth. Gas streams. Pyramids of Giza. Compression and decompression. Steam compression. Piston pressure. The lungs of the smoking city. Industrial landscape. When Tagils breathe with the chest of furnaces. Smoke from cigarettes. Factory smoke. Diffusion. Dispel.