An international discussion took place in the “Art platform” project

Discussion about art

Elena Shamratova
Elena Shamratova

Participants of the project “Art platform for the promotion of Ural contemporary art” continue to study and research texts about artists. In order to help unlock the potential of contemporary artists, the project organizers held an international discussion. Contemporary creative trends were discussed by young art critics and Ural artists, and the meeting was curated by an expert from the Netherlands, Willem Jan Renders. Of the masters of modern art was attended by Catherine Poedintseva, Alexander Sedelnikov, Alex Ateval, Daria Sokolova, Nadezhda Sedinkin, Elena Kobzeva, Ruslan Kamada, Alexander Belov, Anna snegina, Anastasia Bogomolova, Ksenia Markelova, Daniel Danet, Mr Bekmametov, Anna Andrievska, Anton Vinogradov, Alina Kiseleva (Belyaev), Eugene Cares, Olesya Ilenek, Maria Sedaeva, Andrei Bragin, Natasha Podounova, Alexander Agafonov – a total of 24 of the artist.

– Art historian Willem Jan decided to organize a large meeting in an online format, so that in real time all participants answered the questions of his research questionnaire. They concerned artistic practice, text and representation of art, that is, everything that we think about in one way or another in the “Art platform” every day – – said the curator of the project Zhenya Chaika.

For two hours, artists and aspiring authors answered questions about art and actively engaged in dialogues. The tutor of the project prepared separate survey blocks: art critics had to answer 20 questions, including the place of art for eternity, whether the author should write about a work that has never been seen in reality, whether the society sets tasks for artists and critics. The artists also answered more than two dozen questions, such as whether the creative process is a struggle or a labor, and whether virtual art can be expressed in words. It is interesting that there were also practical issues in the discussion.

– Among other things, I was interested in the financial aspect – whether artists and art critics earn money by other work. The answers were the same for both authors and artists – it is difficult to earn money by doing art – ” Willem Jan shrugs.

“Art platform” is a tool for dialogue with a professional audience, which will increase the degree of involvement in the artistic environment of Ural authors. The main idea is to speak the creativity of artists through the external position of critics, which will allow artists to build their creativity more consciously. The project was supported by the presidential grants Fund and is being implemented with funds for the development of civil society.