GUI is an artistic Association that emerged in 2018 from the ideological clash of “Lepkotusy” (founded by M. Plaksina in the Cultural Transit Foundation) and the PLV (laboratory of practical Oriental studies, founded by E. Efremov, MC “Globus”).
In “Lacatusu” focus on collective action had no strict ideological base. However, informal meetings sometimes turned into serious projects. PLW, on the contrary, was based on a detailed study of Eastern traditions and practical development of crafts. But these practices did not go out of the educational framework, and the attitude to modern art was detached…
The main vector of research is the value and relevance of different traditions in contemporary art, in the noise of digital technologies and consumer cynicism.

We are not authors working in the “tradition”. This “tradition” works for us.
The composition and format of the Association is changing: from two to an uncountable number of participants.

SMOKE is for us a metaphor for an ever – changing culture. It is also part of the native, heart-stirring, industrial landscape. That’s why we purposefully link all projects to the same factory panorama image.