About the project in a nutshell

Introductory remarks by the curator
Introductory remarks by the curator

The art platform for supporting Ural contemporary art is a project that focuses on texts. Texts about the work of artists or their specific works. We build the creation of these texts as a collective and in some sense educational process that began on may 21 and ends in December 2020 with a series of presentations. This process has a curator, Tutors, editor, translator, proofreaders, and most importantly – it has young critics and artists that we write about. May 15 is the day when we closed all our lists and started working actively. Three times a week, 20 authors meet on the Zoom platform with Ural artists and international contemporary art experts Jonathan Habib Enqvist from Sweden, Charles Carcopino from France, Nadine Reinert from Switzerland and Willem Jan Renders from the Netherlands. Critics conduct interviews, presentations, talk about art and, of course, work on texts! We talk about the participants of our process and its progress in a blog on this site and in social networks of the project.